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We are a company on a mission to invest our own funds into promising projects worldwide with the aim of maximizing investment opportunities. At Tunsen Group, we prioritize a personalized approach, and every project gets evaluated based on its individual merits. We invest in non-performing loans portfolios all over the world. We cooperate with licensed professional agents and maintain strong business ties with leading debt restructuring partners and financial institutions.

About US

Tunsen Group is a boutique investment company with a strong focus on venture funding for early/mid-stage companies in the fintech and edtech sectors and producers of consumer goods.

We recognize the potential in these sectors and how impactful their products often are to a large section of the global population. Subsequently, we are determined to provide the capital they need to reach their goals.

What We Do

Tunsen Group is a family office, and we provide venture funds to companies that specialize in:


The financial technology sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world

The global fintech market is projected to become a 700-billion-dollar market by 2030, and we aim to contribute to that growth.


Edtech is bridging the gap between demand and supply
for quality education

The need for remote learning has never been stronger than it is now. Our goal is to fund the growth and development of this billion-dollar sector.


The consumer goods industry is an essential global sector, everyone needs CG

One of the few business sectors that flourish no matter the economic outlook, consumer goods is a trillion-dollar market for a reason.

We’re building the future of fintech,
edtech, and manufacturing

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